Music production course

Rome, from the 17 / 09 / 2018 to the 22 / 09 / 2018

Only fifteen participants for the music production course. Teaching material included; a certificate of attendance and an internship certificate will be issued.

The music production course wants to provide the skills for a professional activity to which all those who want to turn their musical ideas into sound approach. Today, thanks to digital technologies and many synthesis tools, this activity is much simpler to set up and at a relatively low cost, in fact there is no longer the need to record live musical instruments, and it is possible to create a home studio that has the same potential as a musical studio, feeling free to express all its creativity.

This means having the possibility to work with professional software like Logic, Nuendo, Cubase, Ableton Live, and for the more demanding Pro Tools.
The production is a very important activity that recalls the idea of ​​70 project studios, that is when the musicians turned empty places into recording studios. All the tests concerning the creative process of composing a record were done in a user-friendly environment, to feel free to express themselves and create.

The objectives of the music production course
To create and produce a piece of music or an album yourself, you need to have some important skills that you can acquire or improve through the use of the best music software.
The aim of the course is to provide the aforementioned skills both to those who approach music production for the first time, and to professionals who want to improve their skills and update themselves on new software and learn new work techniques.
The music production course is aimed at all musicians or those who want to create independently and make known their musical works through a more conscious use of the means with which to make them.

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"Today it is possible to create a home studio that has the same potential as a musical studio, feeling free to express all its creativity."

Maximum number of participants

Up to 15 participants

Date of the course

from 17/09/2018 al 22/09/2018

Place of the course



Musicians, DJs, sound engineers and producers who want to learn how to produce music and self-promote their business.

Duration of the course

Individual study of the propaedeutic material
6 days in full immersion of lectures in the studio (48 hours)
Minimum 200 hours of internship in the national territory

Facilitations for members:

Financing of the registration fee
Professional orientation meeting during the classroom phase
CV video production
Disclosure of CVs to companies in the sector
Reports of accommodation facilities in areas adjacent to the venue of the classroom stage


Private attendance certificate for the course
Private internship certificate

Registration deadline

upon reaching the maximum number of participants


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The training project to become a professional in music production

  • Admission and selection procedures
  • Beginning of the course, AA in progress, according to the scheduled dates
  • Duration: introductory teaching material + 6 days of frontal lessons in the studio in full immersion (48 hours)
  • Preparatory teaching material to prepare for the full immersion classroom phase
  • Theoretical lessons and practical exercises in full immersion in the studio, distributed in 6 days (for a total of 48 hours). During this phase the student will be able to recreate in the studio the real operations typical of this profession.
  • Professional orientation meeting - Video-CV realization
  • Achieved private certificate of attendance to the course issued by our Institute
  • Minimum 200 hours of internship on national territory
  • Completion of a private internship certificate issued by the host structure
  • Reworking, updating and dissemination of CVs in companies in the sector

Music production course: the program of the course

  • Outline of history and technique of musical record production
  • The practice of arranging and its various techniques
  • Basics of basic electroacoustics
  • Mono and stereo microphone techniques
  • Notes on the acoustic treatment of environments dedicated to listening
  • Description of the phases that make up the music production process: recording, editing, mixing, mastering
  • Recording using real instruments and virtual instruments
  • Rules for the protection of copyright and protection of their original musical productions
  • The promotion of the musical / artistic product designed and completed
  • Implementation of a pilot project to be completed during the course's classroom phase

The course will be held in a music production studio.

Topics covered during the introductory phase

  • Sound and auditory perception
  • The acoustics in the design of the studio
  • Microphones: features and functioning
  • The analog tape audio recorder
  • Digital audio technology
  • MIDI and the technology of electronic musical instruments
  • The multimedia sector and the web
  • syncing
  • amplification
  • The consoles for audio production
  • Signal processors
  • Noise reduction
  • The monitors
  • Surround
  • The mastering
  • The realization of the product
  • The registration procedures in the studio

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