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Wedding Planner

Milan, from the 23 / 09 / 2019 to the 02 / 10 / 2019

How to define the overall direction of the event, place, budget? With the Wedding Planner course you can now.

Become a Professional Wedding Organizer with the Wedding Planner Course. Follow the path of professional training organized by Professional Institutes to learn how to manage the planning of magnificent ceremonies and celebrations that will guarantee to all participants an unforgettable experience. Work in contact with professionals from various fields, from photography to catering, and enhance your planning and organization skills.

During the course will be provided all the technical and practical knowledge necessary for the organization of weddings, together with the main soft skills and auxiliary skills that a wedding planner can not possess: from the ability to relate with suppliers and manage the budget in an efficient way creativity in the conception of the event.

Wedding planner: here's what it does

The Wedding planner takes care of the entire organization of a wedding, from the planning to the coordination of the event, to the management of each of its individual aspects. Born in America, this professional figure is now widespread also in Italy, thanks to the increase in the number of unions during the year.

The wedding planner deals specifically with the proposal of the location of the party, the menu and the wedding banquet, the decorations and decorations of the spaces, flowers, clothes of the couple and bridesmaids and witnesses, and then the choice of wedding favors, church, catering, music, wedding theme color, participations, tableau mariage, confetti and every other single detail.
A fundamental aspect of the wedding planner is the fact that this professional is entrusted with the care of the whole atmosphere of marriage, mediating between the dreamy aspects of the event and those purely practical and bureaucratic, such as supplier management.

Professional outlets

The wedding planner can play its role either independently or in companies or agencies involved in organizing events.

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"A wedding planner is a real organizer, a person who must know how to mediate between the" dream "side that every marriage contains and the more pragmatic one, made of organization, precise times, bureaucratic practices and rules of bon ton"

Maximum number of participants

up to 18 participants

Date of the course

from 23/09/2019 al 02/10/2019

Place of the course



A good dose of diplomacy
Creativity and organizational skills
Stress resistance and problem solving skills

Duration of the course

Individual propedeutic study
English form
Work safety course (low risk)
72 hours of classroom lectures in full immersion
Project Work
Minimum 100 hours of internship

Facilitations for members:

Financing of the registration fee
Professional orientation meeting during the classroom phase
CV video production
Disclosure of CVs to companies in the sector
Reports of accommodation facilities in areas adjacent to the venue of the classroom stage


Certificate of Safety at Work (Low Risk)
Private certificate of attendance
Project work certificate
Private internship certificate

Registration deadline

upon reaching the maximum number of participants

The training project

  • Admission and selection procedures
  • Beginning of the course, AA in progress, according to the scheduled dates
  • Study of the teaching material, to prepare for the full immersion classroom phase
  • English form
  • Work safety course (low risk)
  • Achieved certificate of the work safety form (Low Risk)
  • Theoretical lectures and practical exercises in full immersion in the classroom, distributed in 9 days (for a total of 72 hours). During this phase the student will be able to recreate in the classroom the real operations typical of this profession.
  • Professional orientation meeting
  • Video-CV realization
  • Achieved private certificate of attendance to the course issued by our Institute
  • Project Work: Project Work Activation - Intermediate Development and Evaluation - Project Work Delivery - Teacher Evaluation
  • Achieved certificate of project work
  • Minimum 100 hours of practical work experience in the region of residence, an important experience for those who want to put into practice the skills acquired during the training. Testing yourself in the world of work is a fundamental training experience.
  • Completion of a private internship certificate issued by the host company
  • Reworking, updating and dissemination of CVs in companies in the sector.

The program of the course

  • Market analysis, marketing and sales techniques
  • Organization of the event: all the preparatory and management phases
  • Different types of customers; the cognitive meeting, the definition of the budget; the business plan
  • Bureaucratic procedures for organizing marriage
  • The location and the tools of work: the choice of services and suppliers, contracts
  • Photographic services, decorations and floral arrangements
  • Dresses, makeup, hairstyle
  • The bon ton and the etiquette
  • Ceremony and Honeymoon
  • Banqueting, mise en place, tableu mariage
  • Different types of menus and service, the wedding cake
  • The marriage of foreigners in Italy
  • The new trends, the civil ceremony and the "symbolic" rites
  • Wedding at the time of the web: initiatives and tools
  • Internet sites, social communication and blogs
  • Destination wedding
  • Beach wedding
  • Wedding styling & Event designing

Topics covered during the introductory phase:
  • Origin of the wedding planner profession
  • Personal and professional requirements, attitudes, ethical standards
  • Different types of events (shows, meetings, weddings)
  • English form
  • Work safety course (low risk)

the teachers

the partners


  • Excellent idea to bring participations to view, also good to go to see churches and locations to compare styles ... Topics deepened well ... Very useful to understand the division of the budget, meanings and combination of colors and flowers ... Particularly satisfied with the teacher and his way to explain ... The topics were interesting and well exposed .... I appreciate the respect the tutor has had for me ... (1 / 2013 edition)

    Alessia, 27 years of Cologno Monzese
  • An excellent course. From the teacher, the experience shines through!

    Roberta, 27 years of Agrigento
  • Very interesting and informative experience but at the same time cheerful and never boring.

    Alessia, 20 years of Guazzora
  • 27 years - Bari: I was pleasantly surprised and enthusiastic by the expertise of the wedding planners and for the interest that they have fully excited me.

  • I am very satisfied with the lessons and the competence, professionalism and "patience" of the teacher ... excellent organization in general.

    Mirko, 27 years of Jesi
  • 45 years - Giuliano in Campania: with the passing of the days I was fully satisfied with the choice I made to participate in the course for Wedding Planner .. I invested well on myself! My interest has always remained high and the passion has grown ... the emotion of the draw for the wedding of the 8.10 has been unique ... I look forward to that day .. thanks to all, I hope to realize this work as soon as possible. which I believe so much!

  • There comes a moment in the life of all of us where we ask ourselves a question: what do I want to do in life? Who do I want to become? Some people know immediately what place to occupy in the world, I instead perpetually confused and undecided, always looking for a job. Then one day I decided to request information for the Master of Wedding & Event Manager ... I registered without thinking too much. The full immersion week was intense and full of emotions, the entire organization, the teachers (competent and professional), have made this experience very significant. The work of Wedding, if done with passion, can bring great satisfaction. The important thing is to have creativity and the rest will come by itself. Professional Institutes offered me the opportunity to be someone and finally occupy a place in this society. Thanks to their service, I work closely with a wedding planner, the same person who followed me during the internship. I can therefore say I'm satisfied!

    Sara-testimony after the internship
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