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radio speaker

Milan, From 16/09/2019 al 21/09/2019

With a limited number, the radio speaker course includes 48 hours of full immersion and the recording of a radio demo.

Talking in front of a microphone with the awareness that thousands of people at home, in the office, in the car or on the street, listen to you is an exhilarating, exciting and exciting experience; that's why becoming a radio speaker is a dream for many. If your desire is to work on the radio but you do not know how to do, if you would like to audition but have no experience to record a radio demo, with the radio speaker course of Professional Institutes, you can become a real professional in the field.

Radio conduction: how to become a good speaker

In addition to learning the basic techniques, the correct use of the voice, how to organize and build a radio program, you will have speakers and professionals currently working on the radio, and will teach you all the secrets and tricks of the trade and assist in the exercises practical and in your recordings. During the course you will have the opportunity to put into practice the lessons learned during the lessons, followed by the teachers. The course will also give you the opportunity to perform microphone simulations in an equipped room and record a radio demo that you can attach to your resume and send to the radio. Packaging an effective radio demo is essential for every radio speaker. The professional radio demo will speed up your entry into the radio and will be your most important business card.

Objective of the course for radio host

The profession of radio speaker is not for everyone but only for those who besides a good dose of passion, choose to acquire a high level of training in order to be really competitive in the selection of specimens. In order to become a radio speaker, it is not enough just to be confident, have good conversational skills, know how to speak well and quickly; on the other hand, we must also acquire certain skills that only professionals in the sector can transmit to you. Speaker can be one who reads the texts of advertisements, the news of the Radio Journal, information on traffic and traffic, the news journalist of the current affairs program, the political journalist of the election program, the music expert who conducts the musical program, the presenter who conducts the entertainment program. There are many variations of a radio speaker and the more skills and knowledge you have, the more you have the chance to become part of a radio environment and maybe get to the end to the profile that interests you most.

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"During the course you will have the opportunity to put into practice the lessons learned during the lessons, followed by the teachers. The course will also give you the opportunity to perform microphone simulations in a fully equipped room and record a radio demo that you can attach to your resume and send to the radios. "

Maximum number of participants

Up to 15 participants

Date of the course

from 16/09/2019 al 21/09/2019

Place of the course



Anyone who has the right passion for this job and is willing to study to become a true professional.

Duration of the course

Study of the teaching material
6 days of classroom lectures in full immersion (48 hours)
Direct radio on a web radio during the classroom phase
Recording a short radio demo
2 guaranteed radio live hours for each participant

Facilitations for members:

Financing of the registration fee
Professional orientation meeting during the classroom phase
CV video production
Disclosure of CVs to companies in the sector
Reports of accommodation facilities in areas adjacent to the venue of the classroom stage


Private attendance certificate for the course
Radio demo

Registration deadline

upon reaching the maximum number of participants


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The training project to become a radio speaker

  • Admission and selection procedures
  • Beginning of the course, AA in progress, according to the scheduled dates
  • Individual study of teaching material preparatory to full immersion in the classroom
  • Theoretical lectures and practical exercises in full immersion in a equipped room and in a recording studio, distributed in 6 days (48 hours): moments of radio conduction will be simulated in order to experiment and develop the techniques learned by the teachers
  • Realization of a live broadcast for all the participants: during the classroom phase all the students can put into practice the radio techniques learned and experiment the live radio on a national web radio
  • Recording of a radio demo, a means of disseminating one's own professionalism, which will be given to each of the participants.
  • Professional orientation meeting • Video-CV realization
  • Achieved private certificate of attendance to the course issued by our Institute
  • 2 guaranteed radio live hours for each participant. Each student will be assisted remotely by a teacher for technical and connection tests, for the preparation and programming of the musical lineup and for the distribution of times and topics and final check before the live broadcast on a web radio
  • Reworking, updating and dissemination of CVs in companies in the sector

Radio speaker course: the program of the course

  • The professional figure of the Speaker and Radio host - Working on the radio: a radio professional's contract rules - Brief history of Italian radio - Public and private broadcasting
  • The structure of a radio station (the professional figures, the schedule, clocks, ladders, newsrooms, etc.) How to manage the schedule and the times of a radio broadcast - Pre-production, Production and Audio Post-production: what they are and how they are organized
  • How to write a radio format
  • The radio show (The Radio Talk Show: drafting format, organization of studies and recordings, drafting of topics and texts, management of commentators and
    studio interviews, commentary services, problem management)
  • Radio Conduction - Conducting in pairs - Journalistic Conducting (The journalistic program: drafting the format, style, language,
    news, interview, service and problem management)
  • Creation of advertising spots - Radio promotions and teleshopping: the text and the structure
  • The interview with a famous person - The entertainment program: drafting the format, style, language, writing texts and topics, interview, service and
    problem management
  • Radio Game: drafting format, organization of studies and recordings, writing of topics, competing presentations, problem management
  • Reportage: carrying out interviews on the street, making a service, location and means available, studying the topic, managing problems
  • How to build a Radio Newspaper: Telpress, news agencies, Internet, choice and selection of news, the lineup, national and local radio news.
  • The various types of information: news, sport, culture, etc., The work of the press office
  • The pronunciation in English. The technique: intro, closure, the sense of time
  • Psychology and Communication of the Speaker and Radio host
  • The auto-direction and the technical adjustments - Interaction between speaker and sound engineer during the live broadcast - The speaker in technical emergencies - The use of talk back during the live broadcast - Management of the timing of the live together with the sound engineer
  • The potential of the voice and its use: voice heating exercises, breathing, use of your own phonation equipment - Voice setting,
    tonal extension, timbre and emission - Orthophonic exercises, articulation, tone, volume, rhythm
  • Management of anxiety, emotional control, relationship with listeners
  • Diction, vowels, rudiments on the rules, correction of most common errors - Suggestions for the elimination of dialecticisms.
  • Use the microphone and position to get different sound effects
  • Various styles of emotional expressiveness to stimulate the interest of the listener
  • Reading test of various texts: editorial, news and advertising (spot), commentary
  • Interpretation of texts such as: poems, stories, fairy tales, documentaries
  • Improvisation
  • Recording a radio demo in the studio

Topics covered during the introductory phase

  • Radio
  • Radio conduction
  • The direction
  • The management of a radio from the point of view of communication
  • The management of social networks
  • The radio speaker
  • The sound engineer
  • Employment opportunities
  • Sources of information
  • Types of news and news
  • The radio studio
  • Use of the item
  • Mixers, headphones and microphones
  • The lineup and the clock
  • The airing
  • The flow radio and the programs radio
  • Radio program preparation
  • Radio language
  • Where to find the news
  • Radio plays
  • Diction and pronunciation

the teachers

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