Istituti Professionali is an advanced training center that organizes highly qualified courses and masters in the most advanced sectors and employs professionals with twenty years experience in the field. Our training courses are a valid, fast and effective tool for quickly and fully entering the world of work. Through the acquisition of practical and immediately expendable skills in a professional context, our students are prepared for the needs of a dynamic and constantly evolving market.

The training paths

All the training courses arise from the identification of the professional figures that the current labor market seeks, then from the analysis of the requisites required in the periodically monitored job offers, from which derives the detailed definition of the characteristics that the "new professional" must have. to be competitive. The results of these research lead to the drafting of the training path.

Quality assurance

In spite of the different target of reference and the different sectors of intervention, from the elaboration of the project up to the complete provision of the training service, the same productive processes are followed to guarantee the relative quality of the offered product. Vocational training is born in full awareness that currently the inclusion in the world of work is absolutely linked to high specialization. To guarantee the success of each training course, the Professional Institutes are active, starting from the conception of the course, with a series of diagnostic, design and monitoring processes that respond to a quality perspective. In fact, all courses originate from a careful assessment of the real needs of the labor market.

Specialist training

It is a requirement now that all those who wish to enter professionally in a stable manner must be masters of specialized training and above all must have a wealth of knowledge that is not limited to the theoretical aspect (already sometimes and not always filled by school culture) , but is supported by a practical experience that has already made him compare with the real work dynamics. The path made up to now by Professional Institutes is the result of the commitment of professionals who work every day to offer the market opportunities for professional qualification and retraining.


There are many awards obtained over time, as well as the widespread knowledge on the national territory of the Professional Institutes brand and the quality of the service offered, the collaboration with major representatives of public institutions at the educational, editorial and representation level.

Ethical code

The values ​​and fundamental principles present in this Code of Ethics have always been a fundamental asset of professional institutes.
The code of ethics represents the formalization of the company philosophy and its way of operating. Thanks to this tool, our students, partners, suppliers and employees can better share the behaviors that inspire the work of our company.

Read our code of ethics

Professional Institutes: 80% Placement in companies and specialized structures for training internships

The placement service is aimed at promoting the development of employment and the improvement of employability, through activities that facilitate entry into the world of work.
The placement indicates the percentage of students entered internships in companies in the sector compared to the total number of students who attended the courses.
The job placement service is one of the services offered by the Professional Institutes to support the students with regard to orientation out of the training path, to facilitate the start of the professional career of the students.
The placement service offers students the opportunity to combine the study paths carried out with the professional profiles required by the local, national and international job market.
The service then provides the student with concrete help for its inclusion in the labor market by reducing entry times.
Professional Institutes guarantees each course participant:
• placement in internships, where required by the training course, in companies in the sector. The internship is an important experience for those who want to put into practice the skills acquired during the training. Testing yourself in the world of work is a fundamental training experience
• Reworking and updating of the CV of students and recording of video-CVs
• Disclosure of CVs and Video-CVs of students to companies in the sector
• Organization of work orientation meetings to prepare students to manage their active job search in a competent and autonomous way through the support in the drafting of the CV, and the preparation for a job interview
• Sending to companies, who request it, information on the professional profiles of the students of the Institute, identifying a shortlist of candidates with a professional profile consistent with the needs of the company itself

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